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School Design, Print & Tour

Ideally suited for students around the age of ten and up, this is a fantastic opportunity for students to see the process from design to print to completion. We invite students to design their 8 or 16 page brochure, and then bring the design to Artisan for the full guided production tour where they can see their brochures brought to life.

We just ask for the opportunity to do an audit on your schools print and marketing materials to offer relevant advice, and see if we can reduce your current print spend. We have saved some of our school clients a substantial amount, so it might be worth the free audit.

Carbon Footprint Program for Schools

Artisan are working with the ‘Carbon Capture ‘ scheme run by the Woodland Trust UK.

Carbon Capture is a way for Schools to capture CO2 emissions, and reinvest into the ailing UK forestry, receive a certificate and monitor progress for all of the school to see.

Artisan provides the school an exhibition board, to show the usage, and how the school is working to help the environment.
This is a fantastic way for schools to become engaged, and educate pupils on our impact that we have on the environment.

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