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the team.

meet the wonderful people who work at Artisan

The team at Artisan have an astounding amount of experience.

Everyone here has been professionally trained and worked within the digital and print world for their entire career, giving us the experience to manage any job, big, small or just totally different.

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the people.

  • Daren Elsley - Managing Director
  • Ian Campbell - Owner
  • Jon Royan - Press Minder
  • Lee Roff - Production Manager
  • Marcus Woods - Pre Press Manager
  • Matt Brooker - Press Minder
  • Mike James Print Finisher
  • Sara Lambert - Office Manager
  • Steve Fellows - Pre Press
  • Sue Greenaway - Customer Service
  • Tracy Stephens - Customer Service
  • Daren Elsley - Managing Director

    Daren Elsley - Managing Director

    Favourite colour; Black
    Favourite song; Walking on sunshine – Katrina and the Waves
    I hate; People who are late, rudeness, drowning!
    I Love; Business: Entrepreneurialism, Positive thinking,
    Personal: Family, Chocolate, Fire, Fine Brandy. 
    Best memory; Luckily it’s plural and the list is too long for this short list. 
    Bucket list; Go up Mount Snowden, Spend a week or so in a log cabin with a big log fire near a lake, mountains all around, walking, fishing, cycling, and enjoying nature and just be quiet. Shhhhh !! 
    If I could live my life again I would … Work less, be smarter, and realise life just rushes by. – oh and win the lottery

  • Ian Campbell - Owner

    Ian Campbell - Owner

    Favourite Colour; Green
    Favourite Song; Feel so real by Steve Harrington
    I hate: Winter nights
    I love: Bright sunny days or winter days out walking
    Best Memory: Holidays with my wife and children
    Bucket List: Transatlantic Cruise
    If I could live my life again I would; Watch less football

  • Jon Royan - Press Minder

    Jon Royan - Press Minder

    Favourite Colour; Any colour that matches / or red
    Favourite Song; Kill your television by Neds Atomic Dustbin
    I hate: Dodgy parking
    I love: Football, Mountain biking, snow days
    Best Memory: Reading Lord of the Rings on a sunny day in the garden of a pub we used to run.
    Bucket List: Lots of things! – The bucket will need a bloody good clean afterwards.
    If I could live my life again I would… I haven’t finished this one yet! – I’m pretty sure my life is going to have a kick arse ending .

  • Lee Roff - Production Manager

    Lee Roff - Production Manager

    Favourite Colour; Blue
    Favourite Song; Wonderful World
    I hate: Being late, Getting stuck in traffic
    I love: Wife, kids, football and fishing
    Best Memory: Kids being born 
    Bucket List: See the Northern Lights, See Tottenham win the league, Catch a 20lb barbell
    If I could live my life again I would… Buy a lake or fishery and live by it with the wife and kids.

  • Marcus Woods - Pre Press Manager

    Marcus Woods - Pre Press Manager

    Favourite Colour; Black
    Favourite Song; Enjoy the silence – Depeche mode
    I hate: Bigotry
    I love: Family
    Best Memory: My wedding day 
    Bucket List: My wedding day
    If I could live my life again I would… Try harder at school.

  • Matt Brooker - Press Minder

    Matt Brooker - Press Minder

    Favourite colour; Red
    Favourite song; Lovely Day – Bill Withers
    I hate; Traffic and waiting 
    I Love; Chocolate and cold frosty mornings
    Best memory; The birth of my child 
    Bucket list; I would like to see more of the world. 
    If I could live my life again I would …  Work harder at school.

  • Mike James Print Finisher

    Mike James Print Finisher

    Favourite colour; Blue
    Favourite song; The Hills – The weekend
    I hate; Mornings
    I Love; My Kids 
    Best memory; Alfie and Millie (the kids) 
    Bucket list; Go to New Zealand and see my son 
    If I could live my life again I would ….. Become a Gigolo

  • Sara Lambert - Office Manager

    Sara Lambert - Office Manager

    Favourite Colour; Blue
    Favourite Song; Hotel California, The Eagles
    I’m not in love, 10cc
    I hate: Bad Manners, Loud People, Bad Timekeeping, Spiders
    I love: Warm weather, Holidays, My Family, Shopping, Lovely people
    Best Memory: Birth of my girls
    Bucket List: Do most of it all again! – Definitely not 'come back as a man'

  • Steve Fellows - Pre Press

    Steve Fellows - Pre Press

    Favourite colour; Blue
    Favourite song; Train in Vain - The Clash
    I hate; Bananas
    I Love; Marmite
    Best memory; Wedding Day
    Bucket list: Travel South America, Walk the pyrenees, Attend a Football World cup final.
    If I could live my life again I would …  Do a few things a bit differently 

  • Sue Greenaway - Customer Service

    Sue Greenaway - Customer Service

    Favourite Colour; Green
    Favourite Song; Too many to list
    I hate: Spiders
    I love: Happy People
    Best Memory: My children being born
    Bucket List: Seeing my children being settled and happy
    If I could live my life again I would; Not change a thing

  • Tracy Stephens - Customer Service

    Tracy Stephens - Customer Service

    Favourite Colour; Wear Navy Blue – look at Purple
    Favourite Song; Return of the Mack, Mark Morrisen
    I hate: Bullies
    I love: My Kids and Family and soppy romantic films
    Best Memory: Taking my kids to Lapland
    Bucket List: Visit Las Vegas, Cattle drive in America
    If I could live my life again I would … and didn’t have kids. I would work in Borneo helping orphaned orangutans